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    Flowers, Passion, and Sustainability at The FlowerGarden
    Ruud Batist's Journey

    Just over a year ago, Ruud Batist embarked on a new chapter in his journey as a grower. Leaving behind the family business, he continued his passion for cultivation at a new location, surrounded by a diverse array of flowers and in harmony with nature.


    Ruud Batist

    In the past years, Ruud cultivated gerberas on 5 hectares of land in Maasdijk alongside his father and brother. Although he enjoyed his work in the family business, he began to feel a growing need for a fresh challenge. The diversity of gerbera varieties had dwindled from about 30 to just three, with mass production taking precedence over botanical diversity.

    The turning point came last summer when Ruud started looking around. He connected with fellow growers who shared similar passions and had the opportunity to meet Jos van Schie of Muller Seeds, a seed supplier willing to support him in realizing his dream. When the chance arose to rent a location, he embraced it wholeheartedly. With an open mind and boundless enthusiasm, Ruud eagerly embraced this new venture, and the first flowers were harvested in April.


    Close to Nature

    The initial results were promising, and Ruud's enthusiasm grew even further with the interest and support from fellow growers and the market. Ruud aspires to grow flowers that suit the seasons year-round, but sowing the right crops at the right time, especially for the winter months, still requires some effort. However, it's precisely this aspect that brings Ruud immense joy.

    Ruud focuses on resilience, diversity, and balance. His approach is environmentally friendly, emphasizing a healthy, nutrient-rich soil. By increasing the resilience of his plants, they become less appealing to diseases and insects, reducing the need for pesticides. This marks a shift from problem-solving to problem prevention.

    Ruud also attempts to spread risk by sowing a variety of different crops in different plots. In the realm of organic farming, there's always the possibility of having to abandon a plot due to unforeseen challenges. The art lies in figuring out how to prevent this from happening in the future.



    Currently, Ruud doesn't possess any certifications, as there's a one-year registration requirement. In January 2024, he will have the opportunity to obtain MPS-A and MPS-Greener Grown certifications. This year, Ruud auctioned all his products and focused entirely on cultivation. In the coming year, he hopes to engage more with the market and work directly with customers.

    We had the privilege of going on a fascinating tour of Ruud's new location. We witnessed beautiful products and were profoundly inspired by Ruud's passion. We look forward to sharing much more of this enthusiastic grower in the future.

    Ruud Batist's adventure symbolizes a shift towards sustainable flower cultivation and a profound connection with nature. By embracing change and confronting challenges, Ruud is leading the way towards a future where flowers, passion, and sustainability converge.


    FloraPodium, 13 November 2023



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