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    Lilium or 'Euphoria'


    Lilium or 'Euphoria' is available from now until the end of March in the 3+ and 4+ grades.


    In the spotlights

     At the ultra modern nursery of Paauw Lilies, a very advanced logistics system is used. Michel van Marwijk told us everything about this unique system and the "Euphoria"; an oriental lily with a very special color.


    Unique in automation

    As a 4 year old boy, Michel was already walking among the lilies at his father's company. After graduating at the Agricultural College, he worked as a lily buyer for 20 years. Last year he made the switch to the family business "Paauw Lilies" from owner Wim-Jan Paauw, where Michel is responsible for sales.

    At Paauw Lilies, almost the entire cultivation process is fully automated. The lilies grow in crates, which are distributed on mobile tables.

    The tables that are due to be harvested are removed from the greenhouse by a robot. These tables are then transported into the shed, where the employees are ready to cut the lilies. On average it takes around a week to empty the greenhouse, depending on the variety and the season in which they grow.

    One of the advantages of this system is that the flowers can be harvested centrally, which minimizes the risk of damage. After harvesting, they are bunched and prepared for shipment in water, all within one minute, which helps to improve the vase life.


    In de spotlights

    Paauw Lilies specializes in the cultivation of large-flowered lilies such as Orientals and OTs. A special variety in the Paauw Lilies Collection is the oriental "Euphoria". This lily is exclusively available at Paauw and has a very beautiful deep pink / red color. The white border on the outside of the petal gives an exclusive touch to the flower. Characteristic of this lily is that the flower buds are all at the top, which gives a beautiful presentation in the bunch, making it very suitable for including in luxury bouquets. According to Michel, the color is very popular in the fall and winter, but especially on the days around Christmas, Valentine's Day and Women's Day.


    FloraPodium, 24 October 2019






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