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    Kolster BV

    Be inspired by the versatility of Callicarpa, a perfect addition to the florist's assortment for the upcoming season. Everyone knows the purple-colored branches, but at breeder Kolster, they look beyond. Robert-Jan Kolster told us more about the treasures of the 'Magical' Callicarpa varieties.


    The unique color and texture of these Callicarpa varieties add an unmistakable dimension to autumn bouquets and arrangements. Whether you want to add a touch of magic to your bridal bouquet or create a fall centerpiece that grabs attention, Callicarpa is ready for you.

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    Callicarpa “Magical Purple Giant”

    This variety has the traditional purple color but stands out because of its remarkably large berries. This makes it a unique and striking choice for autumn arrangements and bouquets. “Magical Purple Giant” is available from October to mid-November.

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    Callicarpa “Magical Snow Queen”

    With striking white berries, this variety is ideal for bridal work and gives a fairytale appearance. “Magical Snow Queen” is available from October to mid-November.


    Callicarpa bears berries on two-year-old wood, similar to many other shrubs. Like with Ilex, Callicarpa is supplied without leaves. The main difference is that with Ilex, the leaves are removed using a propagation technique, while with Callicarpa, it's almost impossible, and the leaves are hand-picked. This process requires a lot of manual labor, making Callicarpa an extremely intensive cultivation. It's also an exclusive product with smaller quantities at the auction.


    Care Tips

    Berry drop in Callicarpa can be a significant annoyance for florists. Robert-Jan mentioned that one Callicarpa variety may hold berries better than another, and this doesn't always depend on the quality of the grower. It really depends on the variety. However, 'the fresher, the better' still holds true. At Kolster, maintaining berries for a long time is an important criterion in breeding.

    Using a clean vase is crucial. Especially with (long) woody branches, it can be challenging to get water into the stem's upper part. Robert-Jan advises using warm water with shrub feed.


    FloraPodium, 16 November 2023





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