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    Phalaenopsis Mimesis


    Mimesis Phalaenopsis plants are available all year round.


    In the spotlights

    The Orchid Growers is the one-stop-shop for high-end Phalaenopsis. Each year, we sell 11 million plants destined for wholesalers, garden centers and florist shops across Europe. Under our Mimesis brand, we offer a wide selection of varieties and unique concepts in various pot sizes year-round. All grown sustainably, of course. This enables us to offer the convenience of a complete product range, so you’ll always find Phalaenopsis in all shapes and sizes under one roof.


    The brand ‘Mimesis’

    The plants that meet our highest quality standards leave our nursery under the Mimesis brand. Mimesis is about emotion, sharing and connecting. Mimesis comes from the Greek, and literally means ‘reflection’. When you give an orchid as a gift, it reflects your pride, love or support for another person.


    The Growers

    Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios are the nurseries behind The Orchid Growers. Two family businesses whose passion for everything that grows and flowers is rooted in the generations. They use their craftsmanship every day to produce top-quality Phalaenopsis. They know their products like the back of their hand and always set the bar a little higher. Each in their own way, but with the same vision and drive.

    The cultivation process from cutting to flowering plant takes 1.5 years. The natural environment of the Phalaenopsis is imitated in our greenhouses. Temperature, light and humidity are arranged in such a way that the plants feel comfortable. In addition, the nurseries are highly automated. Every plant is traceable at all times.



    Our range is carefully curated. Our growers work closely with leading breeders and carry out their own breeding and product development work. The result? A unique range of Phalaenopsis available in pot sizes 7, 9, 12, 17 and 21 cm. We also have many special concepts, such as Muse, Swan and Spirit. This enables us to offer the convenience of a complete product range, so you’ll always find Phalaenopsis in all shapes and sizes under one roof. That’s what we call a one-stop-shop.



    Care tips

    Taking good care of the Phalaenopsis is important to enjoy the plant for longer. Place the plant in a bright spot, avoiding direct sunlight in the summer months. Water the Phalaenopsis once a week. Immerse the growing pot in a layer of water for 10 minutes. To gain maximum enjoyment from the flowers, fertilize your orchid with Pokon or Culvita once a month.



    Growing Phalaenopsis of the highest quality in fully sustainable nurseries. That is our motivation. What this means to us? We want to minimize our impact on the environment, give waste a second life and increase the well-being of our employees. We are constantly raising the bar in this regard. In the coming years we will take many steps towards further sustainability. Our goal for 2030? A fully circular greenhouse. A greenhouse with a closed system, in which our plants are grown with attention to people and environment. Fossil-free, emission-free and chemical-free. So we can enjoy green responsibly, now and in the future.

    In summary, this means we work on less impact, reducing waste and happy people. What we are already doing for that? An example is our Daylight Greenhouse. Special lenses in its roof concentrate the rays of the sun onto a tube containing running water. This heats the water which can then be stored. The heat can be used to warm the greenhouse either straight away or at a later point. This enables us to use 40-50% less energy. In addition we use solar panels, LED lighting and hot/cold sources. We also recirculate our irrigation water and we have an underground water storage facility in which we collect rainwater. We can use this water at a later time.


    Text and photo's: Orchid Growers, 24 November 2022



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