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    100% Natural Floral Foam

    21 Januray 2020

    There has been a demand in the market for years: fully biodegradable floral foam! Sido Fokkema, director of the company Agra Wool International seems to be able to close this gap in the market!


    Cymbidium Inspiration Box

    07 December 2020

    It's today’s trend ... DIY!! And this trend is becoming even more relevant, especially in this time of corona. Five cymbidium growers, in collaboration with Royal FloraHolland, came up with a nice option for the trendy florist.


    FloraPodium gives Masterclass

    15 November 2020

    A fantastic project where all aspects of the floriculture sector came together; breeder, grower, exporter, arranger, teachers and indirectly also the students (the future of our sector).


    Anthurium Inspiration Weeks 2020

    12 October 2020

    All Souls Day and All Saints Day are coming! Besides the chrysanthemum, the anthurium is a flower that is also often used in these days!



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