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    Salal, Hero of the forest floor

    Salal, Gaultheria shallon, also called lemon leaf, is a common plant that can dominate forests in the Pacific Northwest. It grows under the trees, preferably under the Douglas fir, native and unique. Salal grows west of the Cascade Range of Washington and Oregon, and west of the Coast Range from Canada to Alaska.
    This wild green has been used in floral arrangements and bouquets for over a hundred years, and its use has spread beyond the United States to both Europe and Asia.
    The glossy dark green leaves are known for their sturdiness, durability and longevity, both in the vase and during storage.


    Continental Floral Greens

    At Continental Floral Greens (CFG), Salal is one of the longest selling, most popular and most versatile greens. In 1984, CFG started exporting this green to Europe. To supply both the domestic and international markets, they lease and maintain more than two million wooded acres for Salal's harvest in the Pacific Northwest. In managing these lands, they provide sustainable harvesting strategies and security to maintain and improve these forests. In return they can harvest Salal and other small forest products on these hectares. With a sustainable harvesting plan, they can improve the health and growth of trees, shrubs and wildlife to ensure beautiful and well-functioning forests well into the future.
    CFG has an MPS-A+ rating for durability and low environmental impact on all our Western greens.


    Loyal employees

    To pick the best Salal, CFG has a loyal workforce, many from families who have been doing the same job for generations. Because Salal grows in the wild, workers walk many miles a day through dense forests to find the best plants, often in rainy and cold conditions.
    “A typical day for our crew starts with a meeting to receive their harvest location for the day. Robust rain gear is a must as they work in the rain almost all winter and spring.
    They do not cut Salal, but break off the branches, and bunches are formed, as a salable item, as they pluck. Our pickers pick on land owned or managed by CFG to avoid over-harvesting.”


    All year round Salal

    From June to August, during the mild season, Salal is not harvested. During these months, Salal is supplied from the stock that is stored in cold storage. With over 130,000 square feet of cold storage space, CFG has devoted much of its resources and planning to a year-round program to meet the needs of its customers.


    Blue Label, premium Salal

    Earlier this year, CFG took over Mt. St. Helen's Evergreens, a leading Salal harvester and supplier to Europe, also based in Washington State. CFG is honored to continue the legacy and deliver the premium Salal that is expected of Mt. St. Helens Evergreens and CFG. With this acquisition came the launch of the CFG Blue Label box, a premium box Salal, and the opening of the CFG EU office. This premium Salal is harvested close to the coast, has a slightly smaller leaf and a twisted stem. The Blue Label is also harvested by a select team and is never purchased from third parties.


    Text en photo's: Continental Floral Green, 08 December 2022


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