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    We try to give you a small glimpse into the world of Wedding and Events flowers in different ways; for instance by highlighting a special product that we think is particularly suitable for events, but also by offering interesting facts and news, but most of all by including photos of flower arrangements and decorations for inspiration. Have you seen or made something special and would you like to share it with us? Then send your photos to: 




    After the warm and cozy Christmas period, it always feels a bit empty in the house. The Christmas tree has gone, and many people feel the need to redecorate the house in a different way. Naturally that includes plants!

    FloraPodium has now also collected quite a bit of information about various plants, as the regular visitor to the website is well aware. We often go out to visit plant growers; there is also plenty to experience in the plant world and we are often surprised by fun new varieties and concepts. FloraPodium also likes to give these plants and concepts a place in our stand at the Aalsmeer wholesaler Tica.

    For some time now, Barendsen and FloraPodium have a stand there where plants are sold and this stand is a wonderful opportunity to bring our plants to the attention of the shopping (wholesale) public. It’s a lovely opportunity to present the plants in an appealing way and to gauge the reactions of the visitors and to see which plants are the most favorite. And we wouldn't be FloraPodium if we didn't also provide the necessary information about the plants that are being presented. With a QR code you can contact our website so that buyers can immediately have access to the information!


    FloraPodium, 14 January 2021

    Hydropony Grower V.D.E. plants
    Begonia "Maculata" Grower Amstelzicht
    Calathea crocata "Tassmania" Grower Tass
    Alocasia "Zebrina" Grower Vireõ
    Lova Grower Zeurniet
    Albuca "Frizzle Sizzle" Grower Vreugdenhil


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