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    For FloraPodium, the year 2020 is inspired by Weddings and Events. We try to give you a small glimpse into the world of Wedding and Events flowers in different ways; for instance by highlighting a special product that we think is particularly suitable for events, but also by offering interesting facts and news, but most of all by including photos of flower arrangements and decorations for inspiration. Have you seen or made something special and would you like to share it with us? Then send your photos to: 




    from nursery PerlaNova


    Large spheres with magical colors; these huge flowers are so impressive!! The Hydrangea is available in various beautiful bright colors; purple, pink, green, white, red and blue. Grower and breeder PerlaNova introduced us to some beautiful varieties from their own breeding program.

    PerlaNova markets these new varieties under the "MyBeautiful" label. They describe these varieties as slightly different from the well-known blue and pink varieties. By this they not only mean the different color, but also the fact that these varieties are so striking because of their round shape. According to PerlaNova, this is an additional variation in the range.

    The Hortenisa is a real eye-catcher in a bouquet, but also in a vase filled with just hydrangeas in all different colors or maybe as a single flower in a floating bowl. There are countless possibilities to show off a hydrangea to its full potential.

    In the second half of the season, the soft magical pastel shades appear on this beautiful flower. These are popularly referred to as the "colored" hydrangeas. This variant fits beautifully in the fall and is very extremely suitable for drying.

    Did you know…

    The scientific name Hydrangea is derived from the words Hydro (water) and Abgeion (jug). With a little imagination, you may be able to figure out where this name comes from. The Hydrangea originates from Asia and South America and was taken to Europe on the first VOC ships.

    The Hydrangea symbolizes gratitude, grace and beauty and the beautiful colors of this flower represent love, harmony and peace.

    The Hydrangea is therefore a very popular flower for bridal work. Its generous convex shape makes it ideal for large and striking flower arrangements. But because of its symbolism it is certainly also very suitable for funeral work.


    FloraPodium, 21 May 2020

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    Hydrangea "My Beautiful Salmsurprise"
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    Hydrangea "My Beautiful Sakura"
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    Hydrangea "My Beautiful Riviera Classic"
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    Hydrangea "My Beautiful Pinktouch"


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