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    Kolster BV

    Autumn has its own gems... Rosehips! These enchanting fruits should definitely be part of the autumn florist's assortment. They add warm colors and a magical touch to any bouquet or arrangement.

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    Rosa ‘Magical Pasoa’

    Meet the enchanting Rosehip “Magical Pasoa”! This striking variety has a fairly large cluster in the shape of a semicircular sphere. The hips are a beautiful mix of orange and red, with a more intense red color the longer they hang on the plant. What truly sets “Magical Pasoa” apart are the sturdy hips - they are rock hard and can be harvested well into December.

    The stems of “Magical Pasoa” are impressive, with lengths of up to 80 cm and a large screen diameter. Furthermore, this variety is virtually thornless, making both cultivation and processing a pleasure for growers and florists alike.

    While “Magical Pasoa” is not suitable for handheld bouquets due to its size, the unique color and large spherical clusters are perfect for larger arrangements. The round clusters are an eye-catcher in every autumn and winter arrangement.

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    Rosa ‘Magical Autumn’s Glory’

    The Rosehip “Magical Autumn’s Glory” has a slightly more modest stem that is perfect for florists to work with. Although this variety is not extremely heavy, it offers excellent workability. It has a stem length of 50 to 60 cm and has slightly smaller clusters, with many hips.
    What makes “Magical Autumn’s Glory” truly special is the unique appearance of the hips. The matte red hue gives them a special charm. This rosehip is ideal for arrangements where a more understated yet beautiful autumn look is desired. Whether you are a florist looking for versatility in your assortment or a lover of autumnal colors, “Magical Autumn’s Glory” adds a touch of magic to your creations.


    At breeder Kolster, they have an impressive assortment of rosehip varieties. Their mission is to continuously develop new varieties that offer added value to the market and are appealing to growers from a cultivation perspective.
    A healthy crop that is not very susceptible to diseases is crucial. To achieve good berry production, most growers use bees for optimal pollination. Therefore, it is essential that no chemicals need to be used to keep the plant disease-free.
    Thorns should no longer grow on the stems, and attention is paid to good production. In addition, of course, new colors and shapes are considered. Kolster wants to expand the assortment with rosehips featuring distinctive fruit shapes, such as rounder and bottle-shaped hips, and a slightly more orange-red color.

    Relatively new in the assortment are the Rosa “Magical Pasoa” and the Rosa “Magical Autumn’s Glory”.


    FloraPodium, 30 November 2023



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