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    FloraPodium partner group


    FloraPodium seeks cooperation with (floral) specialists!

    Every week, the FloraPodium team is busy making new creations with FloraPodium products to inspire floral specialists and naturally, this is done using our own taste and insights. FloraPodium however wants to cater to a bigger audience all over the world. With this partner group we hope to inspire more floral specialists with flower arrangements. Diversity is the code word for this group.

    Are you a florist, are you always challenging yourself and would you like to contribute to the FloraPodium partner group? Sign up now at info@florapodium.com!

    In addition to flower specialists, other interested parties are also very welcome! Our collaboration with Visions is a good example of this. They photograph the beautiful flower arrangements that are made for FloraPodium so that we can work with top material!



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