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    Wedding and Events "Kalanchoe"

    Everyone knows the lovely succulent plant with flowers in all kinds of colors: the Kalanchoe. But it is not very well known that there are also Kalanchoe varieties that are grown as cut flowers. But… that old-fashioned image still has to come off a bit. There is nothing old-fashioned about this cut flower! The cultivation is fairly new, the flower is very strong, they are available in beautiful colors and because of their lovely appearance they are very suitable for weddings and events. 


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    Caladium Praetermissum “Hilo Beauty”

    FloraPodium is not only looking for exclusive flowers, special plants also deserve a place in the spotlights of the FloraPodium. And for special plants we have come to the right place at Richplant. We received a fun and educational tour from Patrick, who introduced us to the most beautiful plants.




    Meeting David Austin

    FloraPodium was invited to David Austin's European Marketing Event.




    Buyers regularly go out to find the most beautiful products and to stay in touch with our growers. They constantly look for the best buys, keep their eye out for exclusive products and while doing so collect information about the cultivation of the crop.



    Blog #19: King's Day in Paris

    King's Day 2022; finally we could celebrate again the way we used to in the past, and we were all so happy about that.


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