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    Hydrangea MyBeautiful "Meringue" 

    A few weeks ago, we were introduced to a number of beautiful Hydrangea varieties from grower and breeder PerlaNova. We were so impressed by the beautiful colors that we really wanted to continue this. We received a very nice and educational tour from Carlo Hoogendoorn. He told us all about the company, the breeding and the fantastic Hydrangea "MyBeautiful Meringue".


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    Begonia rex "Arctic Breeze" 

    Begonia Rex; a beautiful, trendy leaf begonia with a surprising number of different designs and a beautiful color palette which is reflected in the different leaves. No bloomers, but strong and very decorative houseplants. FloraPodium visited Berghoef Plants. Jaro Berghoef told us about the Begonia Rex “Arctic Breeze”.




    It is very different from what we thought and not as easy as it seems! Ikebana is the oldest floristry style in the world.


    Tiny Flower Boat


    With its purple canopies, the TFB is hard to miss and it triggers a lot of reactions. Most people thinks it's pretty crazy, such a small house on the water. Of course it makes people curious, who is on that boat?



    Blog #7: Last lilacs of the season!

    In the second half of April, lilac growers close their production season. The last branches are harvested from the greenhouse and taken to the auction.


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