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    Ïlex verticillata

    Some growers propagate their products themselves, but most growers leave this complicated process to the breeders. The search for and the long road to the success of these products begins with the breeders. We visited Kolster BV, specialist in cut shrub breeding, cultivation and delivery. Robert-Jan Kolster invited us behind the scenes of the company and told us in particular about the Ilex varieties they breed.


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    Lova is actually a collective name for a number of different plants that have one thing in common; the way they grow. The plants grow on a lava rock; not only incredibly decorative but also very captivating and interesting. Read on for more about this special product.




    100% Natural Floral Foam

    There has been a demand in the market for years: fully biodegradable floral foam! Sido Fokkema, director of the company Agra Wool International seems to be able to close this gap in the market!


    Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    It was officially opened on Friday November 20; the Pop-Up Aalsmeer; a local initiative that FloraPodium and Barendsen are happy to participate in.



    Blog #9: Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    Pop-Up Aalsmeer was opened last Friday, November 20, in the presence of Councilor Robert van Rijn. Two young lilac growers, Erik Kramer and Frank Weenink, offered a beautiful bunch of lilacs for the occasion, as a symbol of Aalsmeer entrepreneurship!


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