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    Chrysanthemum 'Berry'

    The summer officially started on June 21 and the FloraPodium team is always looking for special products that suit the season, so a summer product would be the product of choice. This week however, we took a small detour.



    This month at...


    Opuntia undulata

    The plant that we would like to put in the spotlight this month is the Opuntia undulata, also known as disc cactus or fig cactus. This beautiful flowering cactus blooms every year and after flowering it produces edible cactus figs.




    Greenhouse as a source of energy

    In the Westland of the Netherlands, many innovative projects have already been realized concerning the use of surplus greenhouse heat.


    Tiny Flower Boat

    Has arrived!

    Last weekend, with unexpectedly good weather, the big day arrived! The Tiny Flower Boat was ready to meet the world.



    Blog #4 FloraPodium 'Plants' live!

    FloraPodium is currently being described as the addition to the general menu at a star restaurant. But during such a dinner you’re allowed to spoil yourself with an extra dessert, right?


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