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    Vanda 'Yellow Spots'

    Growing high in the trees of the jungle, you need all the help you can get to get noticed. Because Vandas are Epiphytes, they grow almost invisibly high in the tree, but because of its special colors it still manages to attract insects that are necessary for pollination.



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    Begonia maculata 'Wightii' 

    One calls it the "Polka Dot Plant", the other "Polkadot" and the next "Trout Plant." All these names can be easily retraced if you look at this special plant. The Begonia maculata is mainly characterized by its white dots on the leaf. Maarten van der Hoorn, owner of the Amstelzicht nursery, grows the Begonia maculata "Wightii" and told us more about it.




    In the romantic period around Christmas there is a lot of demand in the flower shops for the famous Mistletoe.


    Tiny Flower Boat


    With its purple canopies, the TFB is hard to miss and it triggers a lot of reactions. Most people thinks it's pretty crazy, such a small house on the water. Of course it makes people curious, who is on that boat?



    Blog #4 FloraPodium 'Plants' live!

    FloraPodium is currently being described as the addition to the general menu at a star restaurant. But during such a dinner you’re allowed to spoil yourself with an extra dessert, right?


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