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    Wedding and Events Lisianthus

    Lovely, hip, trendy, versatile and extremely popular with florists and designers: the Lisianthus. In recent years, breeders and growers have put a lot of effort into improving the vase life, diversity and image. And with success! The Lisianthus is strong, durable and an indispensable part of the flower sector. Frank and Corine van Holst, of Montana Lisianthus, grow a wide range of Lisianthus and remain committed to innovation and improvement of the varieties!


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    Plumeria Hawaiian

    A few weeks ago we visited Richplant, and we were amazed! We saw the most astounding flowering and green plants and one of these special plants was the Plumeria Hawaiian. A beautiful flowering plant that smells wonderful and that has a wonderful story behind it!



    Slijkerman Kalanchoë

    A few weeks ago we were able to get acquainted with the beautiful Kalanchoe Soraya series from grower Hofland Freesia. But where does this wonderful product come from?




    Buyers regularly go out to find the most beautiful products and to stay in touch with our growers. They constantly look for the best buys, keep their eye out for exclusive products and while doing so collect information about the cultivation of the crop.



    Blog #19: King's Day in Paris

    King's Day 2022; finally we could celebrate again the way we used to in the past, and we were all so happy about that.


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