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    A few weeks ago we got in touch with the enthusiastic Demi Ammerlaan. She works in the OVATA Company, where Echeverias, Crassulas and Aloes are grown. Demi is young, full of ideas and sees endless opportunities with these succulents. In addition to her marketing job at OVATA, she has started her own company; Aloe Demi! With the new brand “ROOTLESS” she wants to conquer the market by giving cut Echeveria a modern look.


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    Dracaena surculosa 

    The Dracaena, also called dragon's blood tree, originated in West Africa. The plants have been exported to Europe since the 17th century. They are known as the most air-purifying plants. Edwin Plaisier, from nursery Vireõ, tells us all about the Dracaena surculosa "Mike" and the special Dracaena surculosa "Mike White".



    Valentine Special

    Valentine's Day is on February 14th. A day that is celebrated worldwide and that revolves around love; a day where lovers surprise each other with the most beautiful flowers.


    Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    Pop-Up Aalsmeer

    It was officially opened on Friday November 20; the Pop-Up Aalsmeer; a local initiative that FloraPodium and Barendsen are happy to participate in.



    Blog #10: Salix

    Did you know that the name "catkin" (meaning ‘kitten’) comes from the velvety softness that is reminiscent of a cat's coat? The catkins are the seeds of the willow. It enables the wind to disperse the fluffy seeds.


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