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    Tiny Flower Boat

    "The Tiny Flower Boat has arrived" was the headline of the article we wrote when the Tiny Flower Boat was introduced to the world. From the jetty at Café Restaurant De Zotte Wilg in Aalsmeer, where the TFB has its permanent home port, the TFB was officially christened and taken to the water for the first time. But what has been going on since then? What happens on board?

    Inside, the Tiny Flower Boat is fully equipped; a maximum of 10 people can sit at "the kitchen table". While enjoying the beautiful Westeinderplassen, the captain on duty provides the necessary background information (and lots of juicy stories) about, for example,  the typical Aalsmeer lilac islands, leaving ample opportunity for a good conversation! The TFB is the perfect place for parties to meet and connect. Growers can show their products, with the TFB becoming a floating Florapodium and they can invite their relations to come and admire these products in a unique setting!

    If you sit by the water at De Zotte Wilg, you will see it calmly floating at the end of the jetty. With its purple canopies, the TFB is hard to miss and it triggers a lot of reactions. Most people thinks it's pretty crazy, such a small house on the water. Of course it makes people curious, who is on that boat? The answer to that is actually very simple: everyone who is interested! Any and all professionals from the flower industry, or interested parties outside the sector, are taken on board. And if you’re a grower you can display your flowers in the vases made for that purpose. But we have also welcomed many other relations at the TFB; colleagues, suppliers or people from the media profession. And the TFB sails in almost all weather conditions, so we were able to start early in the year. With visitors from the  Austrian Lehner Wolle company for instance, or with a group from a Swedish Flower magazine. And more recently we had visitors from Belgium from publisher Rekad. The reactions are always very enthusiastic. Aalsmeer has a lot to offer!


    FloraPodium 25 July 2019



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